Top 10 Gifts For Titos and Titas of Manila

Top 10 Gifts For Titos and Titas of Manila

When we say Titos and Titas of Manila, we don’t mean the brothers and sisters of our parents who live in Metro Manila. We’re talking about the members of our friend group who always pull out their ever-reliable Katinko collection during your catch-up dates and leaves early to sleep by 7 PM. They (may or may not) act older than they actually are, and we love them for it!

Admit it or not, there’s always a tito or a tita in our barkada. And if you’re wondering what to get for these people, here are some gift ideas that our Titos and Titas of Manila will surely appreciate.

Gift Ideas for the Titas of Manila

1. Wooden Wick Candles

Available at @fiftyscentsph

gifts for titas of manila: wooden wick candles

Believe it or not, a Tita already looks forward to relaxing at home the moment they step outside their doors. These wooden wick candles make a perfect companion for a cozy night. The peaceful crackle of the wick ultimately brings them to the calm, relaxed state they’ve been craving for all day!

2. Headache Roller Relief

Available at

gifts for titas of manila: headache roller relief

Now that you already know how important relaxation is for your Tita friend, you should be aware of the products that help them achieve this. Essential oils are one of them. They will love you if you get them these handy and pretty headache rollers, for sure!

3. Mini Fan with Mist

Available at Digital Walker

If you haven’t noticed yet, your Tita friend has the clearest skin among all of you. That’s because they don’t let their skin be dry! These mini fans are must-haves for all Titas because it keeps their skin cool and fresh.D

4. Scarves and Stoles

Available at Uniqlo

gifts for titas of manila: 2Way Stole Uniqlo

The Titas of Manila are fashionistas, too! Get them this classic two-way stole which they can wear at work or during their me-time session. If you’re not sure about what color she would like best, get her a Sodexo Premium Pass instead and let her have the freedom to choose for herself!

5. Red Wine

Available at Rustan’s Supermarket

gifts for titas of manila: red wine

At the end of the day, nothing makes a Tita happier than to take her shoes off and enjoy a glass of wine. This simple treat will surely be appreciated. Who knows? She may also invite you over for a little Tita chat!

Not sure what bottle of wine to get? Consider gifting her a Rustan’s Supermarket Gift Certificate.

Gift Ideas for the Titos of Manila

1. Scotch Brandy

Available at Wellcome and Shopwise Supermarket

gifts for titos of manila: scotch brandy

If the Titas of Manila enjoy wine, the Titos definitely love their hard liquor. Their version of a late-night relaxation usually involves a chill drinking session with their friends—or alone. As long as they’re with their scotch. 

Let your Tito choose the brandy he likes with a Shopwise and Wellcome Gift Certificate.

2. Massage Package

Visit The Spa, Grand Royal Spa, or Body Tune

gifts for titos of manila: massage

The trickiest part about giving a gift to a Tito is the fact that they literally never give you a hint about what they want. So here: they will never tell you this, but our Titos actually love to be pampered, too! Get him a massage package and he’ll be the happiest man on earth.

3. Personalized Leather Cardholder

Available at @astridleather

gifts for titos of manila: leather item

Another fun fact about our Titos: they care about their aesthetic. They will surely love to have a leather item with their name on it! Once you get them this personalized leather cardholder, their days of messy card stash will finally be over.

4. JBL Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Available at

Titos love music—they always have, and they always will. At this point in their lives, they need something that will allow them to listen to their favorite hits and at the same time look cool. Do him a favor and get him this portable speaker so he can do just that!

Don’t have time to shop for this? Get him a Sodexo Premium Pass instead. This is valid on Electroworld branches.

5. Coffee Brew Capsules

Available at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

gifts for titos of manila: brew capsules

As you grow older, you’ll notice how your Titos almost can’t function without a cup of coffee in the morning. Let him try something new and give him brew capsules. These are available at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. And what’s more? You can use your Sodexo Premium Pass to buy this gift for him.