Quarantine Gift Ideas For Your Friends and Loved Ones

Quarantine Gift Ideas For Your Friends and Loved Ones

At this point, we can all use a nice surprise. Here are quarantine gift ideas you can give to your friends and loved ones during this quarantine period.

As the pandemic continues to deny us of all things normal, some days may feel overwhelming. It’s natural to find comfort in the small ways we’re able to connect with people we care about, especially when we’ve been on isolation for what feels like forever.

Truth is, this period has not been a blast to many. And while the joy experienced through quality time with friends is irreplaceable, we can all use a nice surprise.

Here’s a list of things you can gift your friends and loved ones while we’re coping with the distance.

1. Homemade cookies

There’s something about homemade cookies that make it the ultimate comfort food (and one of the best quarantine gift ideas). #SupportLocalBusinesses and contact your favorite pastry chefs or make them yourself for an extra flavor of love.

2. Pajama set

If you know someone who’s been losing sleep amidst the pandemic, it might be a good idea to get them cozy sleepwear to help them get some rest. It’s not scientifically proven, but they’ll surely appreciate the gesture.

3. Recipe journal

Many of us have experimented in the kitchen at some point during the quarantine. Support your friends and loved ones on this newfound hobby and get them a journal where they can record all their favorite personal recipes.

4. Indoor plants

Riding the bandwagon with plantitas and plantitos, gift someone a small plant (or succulent) they can put at their WFH desks.  You’ll somehow help them relieve daily stress and anxiety. Now, there’s a scientific fact!

5. Vegetable seeds

Save your loved ones a trip to the public market and encourage them to have a backyard of common root vegetables to keep them safe — and, well, busy. 

6. Sodexo Premium Pass

Gift certificates make the most practical gift you can give to anyone right now. Whether they intend to use it for food, groceries, or home appliances, you’re just sure they’ll enjoy it. Here’s a list of merchants where they can enjoy this gift.

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Important side note: While items on this list can be ordered online and delivered to you or your recipient, they still require touching a delivered package or interacting with the person who makes the delivery. GCRegalo encourages everyone to practice personal cleanliness at all times.