8 Gift Ideas For Your Grandparents

8 Gift Ideas For Your Grandparents

With only a few days left before Grandparents Day, we listed down some thoughtful gift ideas for your grandparents.  

In case you didn’t know, Grandparents Day happens every second Sunday of September. And while it’s not being widely celebrated in the country compared to Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, our grandparents deserve to be honored just the same. They play a huge role in our lives and it’s time to show them our love and appreciation.   

If you are clueless about what gifts to get for your Lolo and Lola, here’s a list that will help you.

1. Film recording player

Photo from Ben and Bart

If there’s one thing that grandparents love, it’s looking back and telling us stories about our childhood. Scroll through your gallery and see if you have saved a few clips of your Lolo and Lola. Ben and Bart can help you turn it into gorgeous film recording players and help you immortalize your favorite memories with them.

2. DIY Photobook

Another thing that grandparents love doing is spending time with their apos. We can’t travel to the beach right now but we can always take a trip down the memory lane. So, bond with them over a cup of tea (or coffee, if that’s what makes them happier) and spend time going through your DIY photobook! They’ll sure love to spend time with you and share some wise words.

3. Your version of their signature dish

On normal circumstances, it would be lovely to take your grandparents out on a date. But for safety purposes, recreating their signature dish at home can do for now.

Surprise them with a brunch or meryenda full of love and just enjoy a good meal together. They’ll appreciate your effort to make them happy.

4. Eyeglass Package

Screengrabbed from Executive Optical‘s website

Upgrade your grammy’s and grandpop’s lenses so they can watch their favorite shows and read their classic books perfectly! Optical stores such as Executive Optical and Ideal Vision allow you to shop for stylish eyewear online. You can even ask them to choose the color and frames they like.

5. Rechargeable radio

If your Lolo and Lola still prefer listening to music or getting the news the old-fashioned way, this is the perfect gift for them. There are a lot of easy-to-operate, portable radios you can order online today. Who knows? This might be their new favorite item!

6. Wrist or ankle weights

Screengrabbed from Decathlon‘s website

Your active, sporty grandparents would love to keep themselves busy, too! Gift them some wrist or ankle weights that will help them exercise and stay fit, even if they’re just walking in the backyard. Decathlon offers amazing, elderly-friendly equipment you can ship straight to their home (or yours, if they live with you)!

7. Candles

Photo from Sunny.ph

For whatever reason, Filipino grandparents are just obsessed with all sorts of candles. If this is true for you, there are a lot of small local businesses selling handmade soy candles where you can get high-quality items. Sunny.ph,  Saan Saan, and Happy Island are just some of the stores on our list.

8. Himalayan salt lamps

Photo from Himalayan Salt and Light

Perhaps one of the best gift ideas for your grandparents is a Himalayan salt lamp. Aside from being a lovely décor at home, these are believed to help soothe allergies and boost one’s mood. Its natural components also help clean the air, which your grandparents deserve and need especially now. BeautyMNL and Himalayan Salt and Light distribute authentic salt lamps nationwide.

Don’t have the time to shop or craft DIYs? Send Sodexo GCs to your grandparents instead and give them the freedom to choose what they like for Grandparents Day.

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