10 Local Online Shops Perfect For Your Gifting Needs

10 Local Online Shops Perfect For Your Gifting Needs

Because of the terrible traffic in the metro, it’s no wonder why most of us try to find a local online shop instead. It can save us a lot of commute time (because we don’t have to), and also allows us to save some cash (because most of the items online are on sale!). #SupportLocal, right?

So, we listed 10 local online shops that are perfect for your gifting needs. Whether it’s for a birthday, an anniversary, or any type of celebration, these sites will surely give you an amazing online shopping experience. They offer a variety of gift choices that even you would like to have.

1. Punch Drunk Panda

Punch Drunk Panda

From stationery, bags, organizers, and even home decors, Punch Drunk Panda should be one of the online local shops you should keep an eye on. Their products are locally-made, and they have over 13 years of creative expertise. A guarantee of the quality of products they produce, if you ask me.

2. Pointy Little Things

Pointy Little Things

If you are looking for something unique as a gift, then you might as well get every single item found in Pointy Little Things! Their artistic translation of your everyday mood is just on point!

3. Pundesal


Express your love through witty merch from Pundesal! they got Pundikits (stickers), Puntahi (patches), and other punny items for you to choose from, just like this notebook slash reminder!

4. Marta’s Handmade Soaps

Marta's Handmade Soaps

Each item at Marta’s Handmade Soaps, as its name implies, is handmade! And made with love. They have the freshest scents that will definitely make you want to gift one for yourself, too. Marta’s Handmade Soaps source ingredients from around the world and turn them into shampoo bars, conditioner bars, foaming scrubs, and body wash. They also have scented candles!

5. Astrid Leather

Astrid Leather

Give someone some of these sleek, handmade leather gifts they’ll surely love. They personalize a variety of products such as cable organizers, coaster, cardholders, clutches, and even key holders. Everything is made of genuine leather and handcrafted in the Philippines.

6. Araw The Line

Araw The Line

This Filipino fashion brand serves tropical staples for men and women. Clothes are surely one of our go-to gift ideas whenever, but if you want your gift to be more sophisticated than usual, then you should definitely bookmark this site.

7. Things That Matter

Things That Matter

You already can tell by their name alone that every item they have is meaningful. Things That Matter partners with local community artisans and creates a marketplace for beautiful and impactful things. From accessories to clothing to home decors and beauty and wellness items (and more), they got you covered.

8. Simula

Simula PH

When you shop with Simula, you don’t just make your recipient happy, you make Mother Earth happy, too! Simula lets you start a sustainable lifestyle by supporting local brands that produce eco-friendly goods like rolls of unpaper towels, tote bags, steel straws, and bath essentials, to name a few. You can even buy pencils you can plant with them!

9. GC Regalo

GC Regalo

If you’re not sure about what gift they’ll like, then why not give them a gift certificate they can use to buy what they truly want instead? Sodexo gift certificates, which can be used in over 10,000+ merchants nationwide, are available for online purchase exclusively at www.GCregalo.com.

10. Ben and Bart

Looking for quality vintage goods? Ben and Bart should be added to your list of go-to local online shops. They have everything a vintage enthusiast will loveā€”mini string harps, music boxes, polaroid magnets, and film cameras! These items are a total knock-out for your favorite people.

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